Brass Moulding Inserts

The company, Shree Momai is one of leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a range of brass molding inserts. The company has performed very well internationally as compared to its other competitors. The company is fully equipped, well managed and has experienced engineers.

Brass molding inserts are manufactured for cold plastics, wood and composite materials. The brass inserts can be round, hexagonal or even square.Brass molding inserts can be offered for thermoplastics, rubbers and poly carbonates.

Brass molding inserts are packaged well to ensure that they reach the clients in good condition. The packaging is done in bulk for the clients. The following features characterize the brass molding inserts;

  • Longer service life.
  • They have dimensional accuracy.
  • They are resistant to corrosion.

These molding inserts are mostly designed in a manner to meet specific requirements for the customers. This also ensures they conform to the international standards of quality.
Some of the special features of the inserts include;

  • Threads made as per the international go and not go standards,
  • Made with deep grooves for maximum resistance to pull out,
  • The inner diameter after threading has very close tolerance thus preventing unnecessary flush to enter the inserts.

The materials used for the brass molding inserts include;BSW threads, BA threads, ISO metric threads, natural tin, nickel or any plating as per the customers’ specification

The brass inserts are also characterized by high strength and excellent durability.The molding inserts are also used in electrical and telecommunication industries and other areas. This is because they are capable of withstanding heavy work pressures. They are also available in various finish diameters as well as designs.They have low maintenance requirements.

Brass ME-15

Brass ME-15