Foundry Equipments

Shree Momai engineering has invested in state of the art ferrous foundry and other departments to ensure the best production quality as well to attain efficiency in operation. These range from sand plants, molding equipments, molding boxes, melting testing equipments, metal handling equipments, fettling and a range of all hand tools required for efficiency to be attained. All equipments are kept at the best state of maintenance by the qualified and experienced engineers, that include regular cleaning, lubrication and servicing to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, which may affect quality and production output.


The company workshop is fully equipped with modern equipments for fabrication, machining, general engineering and all other metal forming processes to carry out large scale production. This has enabled us to increase production and prompt delivery within the stipulated time frame. The workshop advancements have facilitated us to cope up with the increasing manufacturing demands from domestic and international markets.

Extrusion Machines

The extrusion process is preferred when brass and bronze parts of the same cross – section are being produced with shapes through complex process. Machining of 2D parts is usually more expensive, with lower lead times’. Cold extrusion leads to faster throughput, lesser machining and great cost savings. Many bronze and brass compositions will stand cold rolling and not extruding process. This translates to cost effective parts and great savings to our customers. The efficient extrusion equipment promotes less material usage and greater efficiency with quality results in the production process.

Quality Testing

We follow the stringent quality control standards to achieve and maintain the world class reorganization for our products. Our quality products are accepted globally and buyers have shown keen interest from beginning. We ensure to achieve the quality at each stage of production process in our in-house testing lab from selecting the raw material to delivery at the end destination. Quality testing equipments like Spectro Meter and Microscope have also been incorporated throughout the production process, to ensure service delivery and quality certified parts.

Wire Drawing

This is the process of reducing the diameter of the wire by pulling it through a die of the desired diameter. In most cases, this is achieved through successive drawing processes before the final diameter is attained. Shree Momai Engineering works has in-house facilities that have been used to produce enhanced brass components for electrical, plumbing and other precision components. The company has invested in advanced drawing machines operated by experts, and through this, greater efficiency has been achieved.

Packaging Department

We believe that quality must be reached intact from production house to the delivery place flawlessly. To attain this, the most important requirement is the best packaging facility to provide bulk packaging or customized packaging as on requirement. We never compromise with the packaging standards and use the industry best packaging material to feel experience the world class delivery to our clients.The company has invested in these technological advancements to increase the quality of the finished products and enhance service delivery.

Electroplating Facilities

Electroplating is an important industrial process to offer enormous quality, durability and performance to the final product. It is an electromechanically process that involves electrical and mechanical energy to coat any metal component with a single or multi-layer of different metals to produce the best quality parts. Shree Momai has a separate arrangement for electroplating of components. Some of the benefits of this process include:

  • Creating protective barrier on the final product
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increases heat resistance
  • Increases hardness of the product
  • Prevention of tarnishing due to usage and age