Water Filter / RO Parts

This is another range of products where we have perfected. Use of good plumbing and fixing equipments is critical to the quality of the water as well as better conveyance. We undertake to offer the highest performing reverse osmosis water, filter parts that will deliver high performance, greater output as well as great durability.

The parts supplied by ShreeMomai company limited have a high standard of workmanship and strong durable finish, able to run your system effectively. The company has also ensured proper distribution of the part and accessories, for your treatment plant.

Some of the products available for pressure regulation include, UV filters, valves and other conveyance products, all well designed to increase efficiency in operation. The company flagship products include the Brass ME 17, ME 18 ME 19, 20 which are used in reverse osmosis fitting. To ensure quality, the raw material is sourced from approved suppliers, who have delivered on their quality.

The company has been able to retain their customers as well as attract new buyers from local and international markets, It is important to note that quality is inspected on every step production process therefore thus enabling only the best parts to be dispatched.

Resistance to corrosion is also a key element in the manufacture of metal components for water conveyance.

Brass ME-16

Brass ME-17

Brass ME-18

Brass ME-19

Brass ME-20

Brass ME-21